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Cya soon

2008-11-16 18:30:06 by miari

Hai ya'll well, Edimose Online is currentely being redone because I'm a suckish animator and ima practice some more Ta-ta for now :3


2008-10-11 19:59:38 by miari

Hello Episode 3 of Edimose online uploaded!!!!!!


2008-10-10 19:12:57 by miari

Some brat on newgrounds criticizes me and then I look at their only animation and its a pointless gay monkey dancing around like a retard D: What a fool

The voiceactors i have now WILL be in season finales and movies tho

I'm making it up 2 u!

2008-10-05 04:26:15 by miari

Sorry for making such crap but, I decided I'm going to work on Ediomose Online REALLY REALLY HARDLY~ Ima stay up all night working on it for you!

Hey everyone!

2008-10-02 23:25:34 by miari

Zomg in the past two weeks ive had so much fun on Newgrounds Thank you all for enriching my experience with your helpful stuffs I love you all :) EDIT: All though some of you are starting to piss the nice out of me I'll still keep it up

Heya! Ya'll

2008-09-27 19:35:56 by miari

Episode 1. part 2 was released today also I want to thank vashie :)

Hey everyone

2008-09-20 16:21:50 by miari

Posted a new movie well i hope everyone is expecting good things from the series :))